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LOA Recognizes 1st Quarter Honors Students and Junior Beta Club Members

 Lake Oconee Academy (LOA) recognized its Honors Students for grades 3 - 7 in an academic recognition ceremony on Friday, October 19, 2012.  Parents, faculty and students gathered in Community Hall to honor these outstanding students for their academic achievement.  High Honors were awarded to students who have at least an A (93-100) in all core classes and satisfactory conduct.  Honors were awarded to students who have at least one A and no grade lower than a B (85-92) in all core classes, and satisfactory conduct.

LOA also inducted the first group of students into the Junior Beta Club.  Junior Beta Club is an invitation-only national academic honor society.  To be invited to join, students must achieve High Honors at least twice during the school year while receiving no less than honors all year.  To remain active, students must attend monthly meetings, participate in school, community, and global service projects, and be true to the Beta motto, “Let us lead by serving others.”  

Junior Beta Club members are:

5th Grade: Brianna Baker, Chloe Cosby, Anna Claire Hong, Cory Kimbrough, Olivia Lee, Daryn Minster, Jessica Patino, Kelli Stevens, Reese Williams.  6th Grade:  Ciara Maroschak, Fernanda Patino, Madison Prendergast, Mattie Stewart.  7th Grade: Blake Beeker, Tucker Dukes, Sydney Horton, Abbey Wendt.

Academic Honors were awarded to the following students:

Third Grade: Honors - Sydney Allen, Dane Amerson, Lily Amerson, Haylee Anthony, Scotlan Ashurst, Elizabeth Beatty, Jay Beeker, Aydan Bowser, Sophia Bradley, Skylar Jackson, Arie’una Long, Georgia Manto, Gavin Minster, Mackenzie Pearson, Cole Thornton, Landon Wilson.  High Honors - Rylan Black, Ethan Cooper, Katherine Darby, Colby Fournier, Sarah Grace Ingle, Matty Laney, Lucas Minton, Samantha O’Neal, Harper Purcell, Mason Reddick, Grace Roberts, Tyler Urrutia, Blakely Vollmer, Joshua Wilson.

Fourth Grade: Honors - Ty Ashurst, Spencer Bradley, Hannah Bell, Payton Bussey, Abby Cash, David Dwyer, Hanna Edwards, Caleb Evans, Lily Hartrich, Dominick Loveless, Kala Jo Ogletree, Olivia Rhodes, Kyle Worth.  High Honors - Brayden Batchelor, Nick Barry, Bailey Carr, Katie Ciavola, Ella Darby, Lauren Eley, Logan Fedelem, Alyssa Ingram, Riley Laney, Madeline Marasco, Rylie McDonald, Jack Miller, James Purcell, Braden Strickland, Brigham Vining.

Fifth Grade: Honors - Abby Barnhart, Rachel Bird, Connor Bradley, Azariah Chester, Christopher Chester, Kendal Clarke, Chloe Cosby, Savannah Dwyer, Ethan Hanson, Stuart Harris, Mallory Jacoby, Daryn Minster, Garrett Olson, Devin Phenix, Conner Strickland, Emma Walker, Ty Webb,Tristan Weir, Troy Weir, Christian Williams, Michaela Wood.  High Honors - Brianna Baker, Madison Courter, Lauren Ellison, Anna Claire Hong, Brianna Kent, Cory Kimbrough, Olivia Lee, Jessie Patino, Kelli Stevens, Reese Williams.

Sixth Grade: Honors - Emma Dent, Niah Kalpak, Davis Klein, Ciara Maroschak, Mattie Stewart, Kyle Churchwell, Lauren Hatfield, Tobias Jackson, Erin Lass, Courtney Watson.  High Honors - Fernanda Patino, Madi Prendergast.

Seventh Grade: Honors - Blake Beeker, Cydney Bish, Savannah Courter, McKenzey Harris, Bobby Hatfield, Clayton Hinspeter, Sydney Horton, Rico Pearson, Katlin Third. High Honors - Tucker Dukes, Ansleigh Norton, Abbey Wendt.

Photo caption: LOA teachers Carole Black (left) and Kris Stevens (right) join the new Junior Beta Club students.  

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