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Dear Lake Oconee Academy Parents & Students:

Welcome to the beginning of the second decade of Lake Oconee Academy! I do not think anyone could have predicted such an exciting and successful first ten years. This year we finalize another campus expansion, and I eagerly await the convocation ceremony where the Class of 2018 will receive the first-ever LOA diplomas.

As much as those ten years will be a part of our history, we must continue to look to the future. There were trials and tribulations in the past ten years, but they were greatly overshadowed by the successes that came from hard work and perseverance. However, it is the plans for the future that are most important. Just as we ask each of our students to put to use the knowledge they have compiled, we ask that of ourselves as educators. We will learn from both our past mistakes and accomplishments to prepare for an even better future.

There are expectations that come with being a part of the LOA mission, vision, culture and core values that will never change. We value integrity and humility. Without these qualities, you are no more than a shell of a person. There is an expectation that as a student you will work as hard to educate yourself as the teachers who guide you in the classroom each day, and the board and administration who have worked to create the opportunity for you to receive the highest quality education.

As a student, we expect you to show empathy and respect to your fellow students. No student, through his or her conduct or attitude, has the right to deny another student the education they seek and deserve. To be anything other than supportive and helpful in order to create a climate where knowledge is of the most importance robs another person of the opportunity to learn.

For those who are new to LOA, I welcome you. For all students, I challenge you to make this a safe and inviting place for each and every student to learn, and to support the faculty so they are able to perform to their maximum potential. This endeavor will bring you and the entire LOA family a great return.

Please read the contents of the 2017-18 Parent/Student Handbook carefully. The Handbook is full of information that will help you and your student have a successful school year.

Dr. Otho Tucker
CEO, Lake Oconee Academy

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